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    Our next camp: Summer 2024

    An active learning program for children aged between 5 and 13 years through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our educational, challenging and highly engaging classes give young people of today the knowledge and skills they will use in the future.


    Whether it's programming, design engineering, practical problem solving, forensic science or working towards a National Crest Award, we can assure you that our program of study will spark an interest and generate curiosity for learning.

    We are registered with the Ofsted Volunteer Register. Ofsted has a role in regulating and registering childcare. We were last inspected in December 2023.

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    Hands On!

    A challenging and fun structured program where hands on child centred learning is at the forefront.

    STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering

    and Mathematics.

    STEM is important because it pervades

    every part of our lives.

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    Minds On!

    Stem Den inspires a love for learning!

    STEM DEN provides a stimulating, supportive and challenging environment for young people to take their learning to the next level. It fosters a keen interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through structured, practical activities each with a predetermined learning goals... and beyond.

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    National Recognition

    Challenging and thought provoking real-world STEM projects for young people of all ages. Stamp your passport each time you complete a Crest Activity and work towards your Crest Award. 

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    Vex Robotics


    Stem Den loves to use VEX Robotics. Using fun, creative projects children learn science and engineering principles, such as about gearing or levers. VEX encourages creativity, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving among groups. It allows educators of all types to engage and inspire the STEM problem solvers of tomorrow!

    At Stem Den we suggest, Vex 123 for age 5 - 7, Vex Go for age 8-11, Vex IQ for 11+


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    Build and Program

    Our VEX robotics activities run alongside our planned activity program and can be requested at the time of booking. For our younger pupils, up to Year 4, we suggest small chunks of time on a regular basis rather than working on VEX all day. Book your day and then email to request a VEX kit suitable for you.

    VEX programming runs alongside our planned activities. Let us know at the time of booking if you would like to use these kits.

    Sphero Bolt

    A ridiculously fun engineering experience using the programmable sphere, known as Sphero BOLT. Look through our program of activities to see when this equipment is being used.

    Similar to VEX Go, Sphero Bolt uses

    'drag and drop' block coding. Play is a powerful teacher. Children learn to problem solve and program without realizing they are learning.

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    Engineering Mindset

    Having an engineering mindset is crucial to learning at STEM Den. Our children learn to be problem solvers and collaborators. They see setbacks as learning opportunites as they know this helps them to develop and innovate.

    At STEM Den we learn to share ideas and expertise through collaboration, we build and develop innovative solutions to real life problems. We iterate as we go, making improvements and evaluating progress through critical thinking.